Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free Webcast with Lysa TerKeurst this Tuesday!

Sometimes it's a bit noisy inside our heads..
We tend to hyper-analyze everything we say and do, "Why did I say that?? She must think I'm so weird!"  Sometimes we even hyper-analyze what our kids do. "Did anyone just see my child throw a fit in Walmart?? Everyone must think I'm the worst mom in the world!" 
Do you struggle with this negativity?  this insecurity? this constant chatter pulling you down?  Lysa warns that if you are not careful, your inside chatter can quickly turn from misguided perceptions into dangerous reality.

This Tuesday, Jan 29th,  two amazing women of faith, Lysa Terkeurst and Sheila Walsh, will be sharing their hearts and the strategies they've learned to have victory in this area. 
To join this Women Of Faith's first-ever live & free webcast, click on the above picture, or website below to register.  They will send you an email with instructions, a link to Lysa's website where the webcast will be shown, and helpful information about watching this event.  Then, you will just have to grab your notebook, a nice warm mug of hot cocoa or other favorite beverage, and get to your computer at 7pm Arizona time for an amazing teaching.

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