Monday, February 11, 2013

Last Minute Ideas to Celebrate a Fabulous Valentine's Day

A new commandment I give to you: that you love one another,  just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.  By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.  John 13:34-35

    I love Valentine's Day.  I love the colors, the fun, the romance, the chocolate!  :) This should be one holiday we as Christians really shine!  Who has a better example of what love should be?  What better reminder is there than Valentine's day that we need to be showing love to everyone around us!  I'm not talking about buying the best, most expensive gifts, or going out on the most lavish, ritzy date.  I am talking about real love, showing those around us how much we care in little ways that just add up.

   My husband and I take turns planning our Valentine's date.  This year happens to be his turn.  :)  I have decided that although I don't need to plan this year's festivities, I could help you girls out over the next few days with some of the great ideas we have used in the past or with the ideas I've seen and wanted to try. Please post your ideas of things you have done or wanted to try in the comments below each post and we'll get a big idea pot going!  You never know, maybe the husbands will read the blog!  ;) Today, we'll start with ideas centered around your man!

Ideas For Celebrating Romantic Love

1. List your top 10, 25.. or 50 favorite things about your husband.  Take your time, think  about the qualities that have attracted you to him, and the things you most treasure about the way God has made him.  Print it out on some nice paper & frame it.  

2. Go on a romantic picnic hike.  This would be a great time to try out a new hiking trail ( is a great website that lists all the hiking trails in your area and their level of difficulty).

3. Do a "Dollar Menu-naire" date.  Start the night off at the dollar store.  Make it a funny evening trying to pick out a gift or two from the dollar store that you could use on your date.  Next stop.. a restaurant with a dollar menu- I think Taco Bell, Wendy's, or McDonald's all have dollar menus. Finally, go and see a dollar movie.  (There is a dollar theater at the Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa off Power road and US 60)

4. Go to an Improv Comedy show for something different (clean & funny comedy) The National Comedy Theater in Mesa ( is having a 7:30pm valentines show for $10 a ticket with more showtimes on Friday and Saturday.  Jester'z Improv in Scottsdale ( is having a 7pm & 9pm show for $15 a ticket.  

5. One of my favorite websites is The Dating Divas.  This website is packed with ideas to keep the romance alive.  You could seriously spend HOURS reading all their great ideas.  They have over 200 date ideas that won't break the budget.  ( ) They also have an insane amount of adorable free printables you can use for a low cost valentine gift for your Honey.  (

6. Stay home.  ;)  If going out isn't feasible, or you just prefer to staying home,  you can still create a romantic evening. The above dating divas site has tons of great ideas on making "nights in" super special as well.  From themed movie nights & candle light dinner menus to a valentine scavenger hunt he won't forget.  With a bit of work, it will be a night to remember.  

7.  Consider joining Focus on the Family's DATE NIGHT CHALLENGE.  Studies show that couples who enjoy a regular date night have a stronger bond.  Use this Valentine's Day to make the commitment to intentionally date regularly.  Focus on the Family has set up a program to encourage you to do this.  If you click on the site below and "join the challenge", they will send you monthly emails with date guides to make your dates fun & special.


  1. Thanks for the ideas! And the verse! I am doing one I found on Pinterest called "52 reasons why I Love You" And you write one reason per card and they have them all tied together with a cute ribbon but I think I am going to put them in places where I know they are apart of his daily routine so he will get them all day long =) Surprisingly, I started wishing I had more cards because I could have kept going! I am also making "him" choc dipped fruit! lol

  2. I saw another great Idea I Love for people who can't get a sitter to go out. It was an idea for a "Cupid's Cafe". Turn your dining room into a romantic dinner set with candles, some music, fancy table cloth etc. Let the kids help being the servers. The kids LOVE this! You can even have them dress the part with aprons or a chef hat! It's nice for them to see affection between you two. Then put them to bed early LOL