Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last Minute Ideas to Celebrate a Fabulous Valentine's Day Part 2

Part 2: Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with the Family

    My husband and I always go on a Valentine's date, but that doesn't mean we don't celebrate with the kids as well!  This year, since Valentine's day falls on a Thursday, we'll celebrate a family love day on the 14th, then do our date on the weekend.  Here are some ideas on making the day special for your kids too.  Please post your ideas in the comments section, and we'll see how many we can come up with! Today is all about the kids, but don't forget to read Part 1 of the blog posted yesterday about celebrating with your man! 

1. Valentine Themed Meals!  I love making pink heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast each year.  Papa John's has a heart shaped pizza you can order.  The internet is filled with ideas and recipes for all the meals, snacks and desserts!  Make sure you slip in a valentine to each child in their lunch if they go to school & in your husband's lunch for work. 

2.  Heart attack!  Get a package of heart shaped post it notes. On each post it, write a reason you love them, then stick them all over the house!

3. Do a "Secret Cupid" tradition.  Each member of the family gets one heart for each of the other members of the family that says  "I __________ for you because I love you.  Love, Your Secret Cupid"  the secret cupid writes what kindness or service they did for the other person & leaves it where the recipient can find it.  Some examples would be: folded your laundry, made your bed, cleaned your room, made you cookies, played with you, let you use my favorite toy, etc.  It's so fun to see the members of the family thinking of ways to be nice to each other!

4.  Take your kids to the 2nd annual Queen Creek Love Bug Valentine's Dance.  It's for children ages 4-12 and their parents/guardians.  There will be music, crafts, a light dinner, and dancing from 6-8pm in the Queen Creek Library.  It costs $15 for one adult and child, $6 for an additional adult, and $4 for each additional child.  You must pre-register at

5.  Share with your kids the history of Valentine's Day.  One cute site that reads the story of St. Valentine for children is

6.  One tradition we do at my house is a Mystery Valentine dinner.  I change the names of everything on the menu (including utensils) to a silly valentine word like girls best friend for carrots, heart breaker for a knife, love potion #9 for strawberry soda etc.  The menu each person gets has the code words, but they do not know for sure what the food items really are. Each person gets a menu, writes what they want for each course, and ends up with a hilarious mixed up dinner.  They love it because they might end up with dessert for the main course.. but maybe not any silverware to eat it with until the 3rd course.  LOL  If you want more details and a copy of the menu to put this together, send me an email.  

7. Play Valentine minute to win it.  All the details for  what you need and how to play the fun mini games are explained on this site:

8. After a family candle light dinner, take out your pre-wedding and wedding pictures or a wedding movie if you have it.  Share the story and memories from your early days as a couple and how you fell in love.  Talk in front of the kids about why you appreciate each other & encourage the kids to do the same.

Show your Kiddos how much you love them in fun ways they will always remember!


  1. Our family Valentine tradition has been a picnic on the living room floor complete with pink heart-shaped pancakes (yes...pancakes for dinner), with berries and whipped cream. And for drinks we make "juice spritzers" that are made with sparkling water and a small amount of juice (just enough to flavor the water), and of course we use red grape juice in the sparkling water. :) Even as teens, our kids still love doing this for Valentine's Day. :) And then hubby and I go out on another less crowded night. :)

  2. We usually make something pink for the meals (milk, potatoes, pasta, etc) and usually something heart shaped (pancakes, meatloaf, etc) and of course I will make them a fun little heart shaped cake. Last year we made construction paper hearts to create butterflies and accordion arm guy for out decorations as well. Then we go around the table telling something special we love about each person.