Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Minute Ideas to Celebrate a Fabulous Valentine's Day Part 3

Part 3: Ideas for Showing Love to Everyone Around You

   Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to show love not just to your immediate family, but to everyone you come in contact with!   There are a lot of people who might need cheering up on this holiday, or might just need to know there is someone who cares.  I've found a few ideas to show love, but would love to hear your ideas as well.  

1.  Explain to your kids that showing other people love brings light into the world, and that is what Jesus did for us!

2.  Cut hearts from whatever paper you have in your home, decorate them with glitter, crayons, markers and deliver them to your neighbors.  Another option: print out free Valentine's cards with bible verses on them (found at maybe deliver them with some cookies or other homemade goodies too!

3.  Write a love letter to your grandparents and deliver it to them with some balloons, a cookie bouquet, or maybe just a big hug.  

4. Leave a small bag of candy in your mailbox for your mailman with a thank you Valentine Card.  

5.  Deliver valentine cards and treats to people who might need a reminder that God loves them, like people in a nursing home, people in a homeless shelter, children in the hospital,  and people who are alone or new in the area.  

6. Give your neighbors a heart attack! Not the kind that leaves them in the hospital, but the kind that leaves them feeling better than ever!  Just cut out a bunch of hearts from pink, red, purple, white, etc paper, write sweet messages on them, and then tape them to your neighbor's outside front windows or door.  They will be so surprised when they come home!

7.  Make or buy Valentine's cards to send oversees to our troops.  For instructions on sending letters (even how to send a virtual e-card) click here:

8.  Volunteer to babysit for a couple so they can have a night out!

9.  Find a family in your neighborhood or church that is going through a rough time.  As a family, do something to serve them like cook them a meal, mow their lawn, or clean their house.  It is such a great way for both families to be blessed.  

10.  Have everyone in your family write a love letter to God, thanking him for all the blessings in your lives.  Take turns reading them out loud & praising Him!  

   Remember, God created love, and then He gave it to us as a gift to enjoy and share. It's amazing to think that the Creator of love holds us as objects of His deepest love. Can you see the blessings all around you? They are God's expression of love for you. This Valentine's day, I want to challenge you to love deeper than you have before.  Show other's around you not a human, frail love, but the deep abiding love of the lover of your soul.  

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