Monday, May 20, 2013

A Weekend to Remember...

Don't we all start out in marriage starry-eyed and thinking that ours is going to be the best there ever was?  Our husband is.. well, quite perfect & what could there possibly be not to LOVE about him??  Then, the blinders come off..  for some sooner than others. LOL  What do you mean you don't love my cooking?? & don't you know how to clean up after yourself?? 

Marriage also has a lot of ups & downs.  One week things will be going seemingly perfectly, and the next week,  every little thing irritates.  Not to mention the BIG problems marriage can have, infidelity, lying, sickness, stress, loss of a job,  infertility...  

Even if we don't have these big problems, and we have gotten past the rocky stage of discovering each other's quirks, sometimes working on having a great marriage can get sidelined by other things such as jobs, children, family life, activities, errands, and even media. Before you know it, checking your facebook status is more important than going on a date night!  

Family Life's Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference has been designed to help you make a change, maybe fine tune some things that need some work.  How long has it been since your marriage has had a tune up??  Isn't it worth it to make a healthy growing relationship a priority??  I think so!  

Family Life says about the conference:

"What you and your spouse will hear during the Weekend to Remember® is not just one couple’s opinion on marriage. Instead, it is the result of more than three decades of biblical research by a team of men and women who distilled what it takes to have a successful marriage and family.
The Weekend to Remember getaway is not a large counseling session, and you will not be asked to participate in small groups. Rather, you will receive marriage-changing principles that you can take home and apply to your daily lives that will strengthen your marriage. During the weekend, you will learn:

  • God's purpose in bringing you together
  • Your distinct roles as husband and wife
  • How to resolve conflict and fight fair
  • Secrets to putting sizzle in your sex life
  • How to express forgiveness to one another
  • How to increase your commitment, creating an even deeper level of intimacy

Our speakers will show you exactly how to pursue a marriage that really works through stories of their own breakthroughs and blunders. Every couple drives away with a roadmap to a great marriage. We want you to leave the weekend with encouragement, hope, and practical tools to build and grow your relationship. That’s why we call this a Weekend to Remember."
The Family Life Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference is coming to Scottsdale next month!   Join us to improve your marriage:  June 28th- 30th.  The normal price is $149 per person, but with our special group rate, you can go for only $89 per person.  That's $120 savings per couple!!  Just type in our group code: EpicChristianChurch  
Family life recommends that you enhance your getaway experience by staying overnight at the getaway resort:  JW Marriot Camelback Resort, 5402 E. Lincoln Drive Paradise Valley, AZ 85253.  There is a link on the registration page to get a room at a special rate as well, $134 per night.

Regardless of where your marriage is at, this is a valuable investment! Years from now, you'll look back on this weekend as a wonderfully-fun getaway, spent doing what is really important in your marriage. 

* Family Life offers some scholarships & additional discounts to those who qualify.  Let us know if you would like more information about that.  

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